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September 2015 - Posts

Message to Cyber-socialists and oppositions

BY: Gabrial Pager Ajang,

President Obama imposes targeted sanctions against Russian Mega Business and it works and works very well, President of Russia, Putin change his behaviors in less than three weeks.  I hope the generals of the SPLA armed forces and oppositions changed their behaviors and immensely take the lives of our people seriously to observe protocol and cessation hostilities issued by President Kiir Mayar and Opposition leader Riek Machar.  I would also hope that all the ambassadors take this message seriously, especially ambassadors in the United States.  Thousands of South Sudanese intellectuals, professors and medical doctors, political analysts, lawmakers, commentators, journalists and general public of the United States will not turn blind eyes to South Sudan problems.

It is time for all South Sudanese to unite and go after individuals who are benefiting from the blood of our people. War had become business, and this business will not spare legacy of President Kiir, if it continues the way majority of Kiir's supporter want to. If you like president Kiir, than you must work to bring peace, likewise, if you like Riek, you must also work to bring peace because ---if there is no peace, the world community and South Sudan will go against these two principal leaders, and you will not be happy. I do not want you to say that "I wish I had endorsed peace." There is no good way of end war, and it does not matter how it stops. What matter is that the war had to stop.

Besides, there are people in the West who have made diplomatic grounds as a launching pad for war, divisions and hatreds. Gordon Buay, for instance had written messages that provide sufficient ground for legal steps or even asking president to remove him from ambassadorship. His messages can be brought to the U.S. Department of State attentions, if he continues. It is important for all South Sudanese to understand that anything you write while your brother or sister is working for government.... can be used against your brother.....if it is clear and there are sufficient evident which indicated that you are using national resources to undermine peace. For instance, the case of the so called "London Welfare Queen" Awut Akol Wol who makes and sends out execrated videos at her brother house.  Her words can be examined to check if her statements constituted libel or acts of escalating war in South Sudan.

It should be made clear that it is against the rules of diplomacy and international norms to write messages of escalating war, hatreds and divisions in the house of South Sudan ambassador. Because this diplomatic grounds and messages of war be must never be sent out in Washington DC. Gordon Buay has sent out messages of war several times. Peace has been signed by president Kiir-- enough is enough. Another saga or shallow political division orchestrated by him or others would mount to a legal case. It is time; we all take roles of ambassadors like we did in pre-referendum periods. The generation that brought peace to South Sudan, the 7th fronts in diaspora must roll up their sleeves to bring peace, stability and unite this country. There are no other people that will lead in this initiative. We need peace, if we want a country; we need peace if we like your leaders.

South Sudan Warring parties are currently exchanging blames; they will suffer consequences---of allowing their own people to suffer in the process of securing leadership greedy and resources.

However, we in the West must understand that the International norms and obligations do not protect individuals who send out obscene, defamatory, execrated messages such as mentioning private parts, messages that advance wars and hatreds.

International norms and agreements do not protect people who send messages that can put communities in immediate danger. Freedom of Speech and expression had a limit. And if we deemed that there is sufficient and compelling evident of coming after such people,.... we may bring lawsuit against individuals who engage in such acts. This is not South Sudan, where leaders send out libel messages and still work for government

 Gabrial Pager Ajang, political Science Instructor at Wright Career College, he can be reached or