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Does ethnicity matter in South Sudan’s conflict?
By: Amir Idris The simple answer to that question is an obvious ‘yes’. But that answer does not explain the intersection of politics, ethnicity, and conflict in South Sudan. After all, South Sudan, like other African postcolonial states, is...
Blaming the Victims: The tragedy of IDPs in South Sudan
By Amir Idris The recent politically motivated violence against unarmed civilians seeking shelter from the violence in South Sudan in the United Nations compound in Bor exposed not only the criminal act of the perpetrators but also the mindset of those...
Does South Sudan possess the political leadership to resolve the crisis?
By Amir Idris April 7, 2014- We all remember that South Sudan gained its political independence in July 2011 after long devastating liberation struggles against the central government in Khartoum. The liberation struggles were a response to economic and...