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Will the Obama administration fix its Sudan policy?
By Ahmed Hussain Adam President Obama concluded his three-day symbolic visit to Africa this week, but the 12-year old genocide of Darfur is still unfolding. One would welcome Obama’s achievements during this visit, including his strong position...
Why is the US not cracking down on Sudan?
By David L. Phillips and Ahmed Hussain Adam The Obama administration is seeking constructive engagement with Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir. Instead of kowtowing, Washington should intensify pressure on the government of Sudan. Appeasement is strategically...
Sudan, Iran, the Obama Administration, and Khartoum’s political vision"
More about what we learn from the leaked minutes of the August 31 meeting bringing together Khartoum’s most senior military and security officials By Eric Reeves October 16, 2014 - The document containing minutes of the 31 August 2014 meeting of...