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March 2009 - Posts

Emir of Kuwait says ICC decision will undermine Arab and African efforts to resolve Darfur issue

Doha, March 30 (SUNA) - Emir of Kuwait State Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Jaber al-Sabah has pointed out that the decision of the International Criminal Court (ICC) against President Omer Al-Bashir will undermine the Arab and African efforts to resolve Darfur issue. In his address before the Arab summit held in Doha Monday, His Highness Shiekh Sabah, said the Doha summit is held at a time witnessing crucial developments to mull the Arab situations. He explained that serious steps should be taken to create a suitable atmosphere to reach Arab reconciliation that would lead to realization of the aspired solidarity and unity of the Arab stance in the face of the increasing challenges at the regional and international levels. HE/BT

President Al-Bashir addresses closing session of the 21st. Arab Summit on behalf of the Arab leaders

Doha, March 30 (SUNA)- President of the Republic Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir addressed the closing session of the 21st. Arab Summit in Doha Monday on behalf of the Arab leaders, expressing thanks and appreciation to the State of Qatar and its Amir His Highness Shiekh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani for hosting the summit and for the warm hospitality and good organization of the summit. President Al-Bashir pointed out that the brotherly reconciliations the summit have witnessed and the strong resolutions it issued which were crowned by Arab unanimity were the result of the wisdom of His Highness Shiekh Hamad. President Al-Bashir praised the strong support by Qatar and the Arab states to Sudan and their rejection to the unjust decisions that target national unity of Sudan. BT/BT

Amir of Qatar: Qatar aspires to assume a useful role in the Arab action in cooperation with its brothers

Doha, March 30 (SUNA)- The Amir of the State of Qatar, His Highness Shiekh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, addressing the opening session of the Arab Summit in Doha Monday, affirmed that the State of Qatar receives the Arab leaders with appreciation and respect and expresses best wishes to them with success. His Highness Shiekh Hamad affirmed that Qatar aspires to assume a useful role in the Arab action in cooperation with its brothers. The Amir of Qatar expressed thanks to Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad for the sincere efforts he exerted during his chairmanship of the previous summit. He stressed that the summit is held at an important time as the Arab nation and the whole world are witnessing crucial developments. BT/BT

Taha receives delegation of Arab Parliament

Khartoum, March 30 (SUNA) - Vice-President of the Republic Ali Osman Mohamed Taha has affirmed Sudan's firm stance rejecting the allegations of the International Criminal Court (ICC) against the President of the Republic. During his meeting with Arab Parliament's delegation on Monday at the Secretariat General of the Council of Ministers, Taha called on the Arab, African and Islamic parliamentary institutions to play their role towards intentions of the new colonialism, which is targeting all developing countries including Sudan to undermine their unity and independence and control their resources. Chairman of the visiting Arab Parliament delegation, Mansur Al-Zindani, on his part, affirmed that the Arab Parliament, which represents the unity of the Arab nation, totally rejects the memorandum of the ICC. He added that the Arab Parliament does not recognize the ICC, calling upon Arab and Islamic countries and developing countries to stand in one side against all forms of the new colonialism. HE/ BT

The Arab Summit declares its rejection to ICC decision, affirms solidarity with Sudan

Doha, March 30 (SUNA) - The Arab Summit has declared its rejection to the decision of the International Criminal Court (ICC) and affirmed its solidarity with Sudan. The final communiqué of Doha Summit issued Monday affirmed solidarity with Sudan and rejection to the decision of the ICC against President of the Republic Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir. The communiqué pointed out that the Arab Summit expresses full support to Sudan in the face of whatever targets its dignity, sovereignty, security, stability and territorial integrity and its rejection to all moves that threaten the peace efforts being exerted by the State of Qatar in the context of the Arab ministerial committee in coordination with the joint committee of the African Union and the United Nations, affirming support to these efforts for realizing peace in Darfur. BT/BT

AFRICOM: No US Military Role Against Sudan's Bashir

25 March 2009

A senior civilian official of the American military command for Africa said she sees no role for U.S. troops in any effort to arrest Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir on war crimes charges.

Ambassador Mary Yates
Ambassador Mary Yates

Ambassador Mary Yates is Deputy to the Commander for Civilian and Military Activities of AFRICOM and has a unique role in the military command.

She met Wednesday with AU Commission Chairman Jean Ping and Peace and Security Commissioner Ramtane Lamamra to discuss policy coordination on many of Africa's trouble spots.

Afterward, she said the conversation touched on the ICC indictments against Sudan's President Bashir. The African Union is urging a suspension of the arrest warrants for Mr. Bashir, and Chairman Ping is likely to lead a joint AU-Arab League delegation going to the U.N. Security Council soon to press the case.

Sudan's President Omar Hassan al-Beshir attends a presss conference in Dubai at the end of a three-day visit to the Gulf emirate, 11 Mar 2008
Sudan's President Omar Hassan al-Beshir at a presss conference in Dubai, 11 Mar 2008

In apparent defiance of the arrest warrants, Mr. Bashir is traveling to regional capitals, and is due in Addis Ababa early next month. But Ambassador Yates said AFRICOM would not be involved in any attempt to arrest him.

"There is no role I can see at this moment. ... review of our policy toward Sudan. certainly crimes and war crimes need to be accounted for, and this is a dialogue I came to listen and have with the leaders of the AU as well," she said.

Yates said any U.S. military activity would be peripheral, as it was in the arrest of another indicted war criminal, Liberia's Charles Taylor.

"I would look back to the arrest of President Taylor in Liberia. The U.S. military command played no role in that. We watched with concern, we helped get ECOWAS peacekeepers into Liberia to bring about stability," she said. "The [U.S. warship] Iwo Jima sailed offshore and we helped Marines secure the airport. That's the kind of role the U.S. military plays after decisions have been taken, but we are not in the political arena," she explained.

Yates acknowledged the role U.S. ships are playing in international efforts to combat piracy off the coast of Somalia. She had nothing to say about Osama bin Laden's recent call for the overthrow Somalia's new President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed.

But she said the United States remains closely tuned to the movements of suspected terrorists from the Horn of Africa all the way to the western Sahara.

"I would leave reaction to Osama bin Laden's comments up to people of Somalia and the region. As far as our counterterrorism efforts. The U.S. military, and the State Department together are working with nine countries on both sides of the Sahara because of the ungoverned spaces in the Sahara," she said. "We have worked with them training, equipping...because to develop the capacity of Africans and African nations to look for the terrorists crossing their borders is something we take very seriously," she said.

Yates is a career diplomat who has served both Republican and Democrat administrations in Africa. She said experience tells her that while there will be small changes here and there in U.S. policy toward Africa under President Barack Obama, she cannot imagine what she called 'broad brush changes" in the new administration.


Higher Council for Agricultural Development expresses satisfaction by the basic year performance Translated by Elham Mahmoud

written by : Amani Gandoul / Khartoum / 26/3/ SUNA/ General secretary of the Higher Council for Agricultural Development, eng. Abdul Gabar Hussien Alamin , while reviewing the performance report of the agricultural development programme in SUNA forum yesterday , expressed his complete satisfaction by the executive programme of the agricultural development during the period March 2008/2009 which is the basic year in the programme, and he said the ministry of finance has allocated 34 million Sudanese pounds for the seeds for 2009 cultivation season


Though , the report of the seeds needs for 2008/2009/2010 cultivation season for the different crops has been approved besides the delegations of the ministry of agricultural and forests , the ministry of sciences and technology and the agricultural research corporation to present an integrated plan for the production of good seeds for the different crops which includes dhura , wheat , sesame and millet, to the committee of the heads of circles for approval


He said the Agricultural Bank in cooperation with the private sector will provide zero tillage cultivation machineries and equipment , while the central bank of the Sudan will encourage the banks to provide banking facilities to import the agricultural machineries and equipment , he also called on all farmers to pay their obligations to the bank and to avoid debt accumulation for the objective of the success of the agricultural development programme


The performance report of the agricultural development programme includes the administrative structure of the executive programme of the agricultural development and the administrative activity beside the executive performance, evaluation of the opening programmes of the 2008/2009 agricultural season


Abdul Gabar also explained that the good performance of the 2008 agricultural season in regard to provision of finance and the good seeds for the small producers besides the other production inputs comes within the realization of food security programmes , saying that the money allocated for food security , development and poverty eradication amounted to 467 million SDG by an implementation amount of. 94%


He also said, the expenditures focused on the basic infrastructures of wheat cultivation in the northern state and Nahr Alneel state besides supporting the super phosphate fertilizer programme and the implementation of removing all risks and the agricultural insurance programme by a percentage exceeding 119%


Abdul Gabar added that the draught combating programme and the food security programme in the northern state is implemented by 100% equivalent to 4.5 million SDG, while the provision of the finance for the renewal of the sustainable livelihood project is implemented by almost one fold and that is 196%


He explained that among the most significant achievements realized by the agricultural development programme in the basic year is the liberalization of the production inputs and canceling the bids providing methods while providing opportunities for the private sectors to carry on the inputs supply. He also ensures the necessity of agricultural insurance and its important role in the protection operations


He also assured the importanceof benefiting from the experiences of the other countries such as the experience of Brazil , and to strengthen the ties with the Arab agricultural Funds and to encourage the farmers to organize their work to be trained for using the modern agricultural technologies. It is to mention that the Higher Council for Agricultural development consists of many committees which include the head of circles committee, the circles councils , councils of commodities development and the general secretariat


The council include 675 members while the total credits approved for the year 2008 amounted to 1357.15 million SDG and the total expenditure of the projects and programmes amounted to 1211.81 million SDG by an implementation average of 89%

President Al-Bashir and Libyan Leader Al-Gaddafi start joint talks in Serte town

Serte, March 26 (SUNA) - President of the Republic Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir started talks with his brother Libyan Leader Moammer Al-Gaddafi in the Libyan town of Serte Thursday on bilateral relations and means of boosting them further besides issues of mutual concern including realization of peace in Darfur and the allegations of the so-called International Criminal Court and the stance of Sudan towards them. President Al-Bashir arrived in the Libyan Jamahiriyah Thursday, where he was received by Secretary of the Libyan General People's Committee Dr. Al-Baghdadi Ali Mahmoud. BT/BT

African delegation Presided by South Africa arrives to Khartoum next month to review the issue of Darfur

Khartoum, March 25 (SUNA)- The ambassador of South Africa to the Sudan has said his country would head a high level delegation from the African Union to visit the Sudan next month to review the question of Darfur. The ambassador has pointed out in a lecture he delivered at the International Peoples' Friendship Council on Wednesday under the slogan of _South Africa Today- that his country backs all initiatives aimed at achieving peace in the Sudan. He pointed out that Sudan has provided assistance to his country during time the apartheid era which was a system brought to serve the Africana's and the whites in general. The ambassador detailed the developments in his country in the various domains and how the black south Africans were living in abject poverty as a result of the apartheid regime. He said new south African government worked to bring down the apartheid system and the apartheid based economic system and how the country could be brought back to the international arena. He stressed that his country vision of Africa was that the continent should become secure stable and unified and enjoy democracy. MA/MA

The Ministry of Health and the Public Water Corporation received a three month budget for the implementation of Water and health programmes in Darfur

Khartoum, March 25 (SUNA) - The Ministry of Health and the Public Water Corporation have received a three month budget for the implementation of water and health programmes in Darfur states as part of first phase programme committed by the government on provision of services for the three states of Darfur up to the end of the year. The Commissioner General for Humanitarian Affairs, Hassabou Mohamed Abdul Rahman, on Wednesday pointed out that the government would continue providing funding for the budget up to the end of the year, saying there was no operational or administrative problems and that the administration was also providing drugs and sanitation services. He said a team involving the government at the Federal and the local levels as well as the United Nations follow up the plan of action in the various sectors on daily basis to make sure that services were being provided for the displaced persons. He said an inventory of the belongings of the expelled organizations and their equipment would be finalized early next week. The Commissioner has meanwhile said the Qatari Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad Bin Jassim Bin Jabr Al Thani has promised during his visit to the Sudan on Tuesday to provide an open funding for all services in Darfur covering the required services after the expulsion of some organizations from the country. He said the government of Saudi Arabia has on its part announced that it would cover any need that arises in this domain, and that the Arab league and a number of countries have expressed readiness to fully back the government and humanitarian action in Darfur states. The Commissioner denied any sensitivity against the government and the local non governmental organizations inside the camps for the internally displaced persons or any other camps. He said the fact that examination for the basic schools was carried out there along with the vaccination campaign was proof of the stability of the humanitarian and general situation in the camps. The Commissioner said that 21 water points have been added in Zamzam IDP camp following the displacement that occurred a month ago after the Muhajiria incidents in which the forces of Khaleel Ibrahim were driven out of the area. He said Zamzam camp was now being run by a local national organization, the Humanitarian Assistance and Development Organization and that it is working side by side with a number of international organizations in the provision of services in the camp. MA/MA

President Al-Bashir back home after visit to Cairo

Khartoum, March 25 (SUNA) - President of the Republic Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir returned home Wednesday after a one-day visit to Egypt. Minister of Information and Communications Al-Zahawi Ibrahim Malik said in a press statement that President Al-Bashir's visit to Egypt came as part of his tasks as the President of the Republic in accordance with the constitution as it also came in the context of the bilateral relations between the two countries. The minister pointed out that Presidents Al-Bashir and Mubarak held talks during the visit on a number of issues of mutual concern, Arab issues and purification of Arab atmosphere. President Al-Bashir was received at Khartoum Airport upon his return by Vice-President of the Republic Ali Osman Mohamed Taha and a number of ministers. BT/BT

Clerics warn against Bashir trip
President Omar al-Bashir of Sudan
Mr Bashir is the first sitting president to face an ICC arrest warrant

Sudan's highest religious authority has said President Omar al-Bashir should not go to the annual Arab summit in Qatar later this month.

The fatwa (or ruling) was issued by the Committee of Islamic Scholars, citing threats from Sudan's enemies.

President Bashir risks being detained if he leaves Sudan under the arrest warrant issued by the International Criminal Court earlier this month.

He has, however, travelled to Eritrea which is not a signatory to the ICC.

This is his first foreign trip since the arrest warrant was issued.

"He is meeting with President Isaias [Afewerki], and they are discussing bilateral relations. Why should we worry about the ICC issue?" Eritrean Information Minister Ali Abdu told Reuters news agency.

Mr Bashir is wanted to stand trial for alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity in Darfur.

The Sudanese government said shortly after the ICC decision that he would defy the warrant by travelling to the summit in Qatar which is also not an ICC signatory.

Aid warning

But analysts say more recent statements have raised questions over the wisdom of the trip, prompting speculation that another representative may be sent instead.

At the weekend the United Nations presented the Sudanese government with an assessment of the impact of its expulsion of 13 international aid agencies from Darfur.


Khartoum kicked out the groups in the wake of the war crimes indictment of President Bashir.

After two weeks touring the region with Sudanese officials, the UN found that in some camps two months' worth of food had been distributed, but without the complex monitoring to ensure that it goes to those most in need.

The difficult process of therapeutic feeding for the worst nourished children was also not taking place.

Water pumping was continuing, but UN officials pointed out that without the pumps being serviced, they were likely to break down.

And residents in one camp at Kalma, housing more than 80,000 people, said they would reject all humanitarian assistance until the foreign aid groups were allowed back in.

The conflict in Darfur flared into open violence in 2003 when black African rebel groups took up arms against the government in Khartoum, complaining of discrimination and neglect.

Pro-government Arab militias then started a campaign of violence, targeting the black African population.

The UN says this has led to some 300,000 deaths and forced more than two million people from their homes.

The US has said this amounts to a genocide but the ICC rejected a request to charge Mr Bashir with genocide.

The government has always denied charges that it helped organise the militia attacks.

Mr Bashir has been charged by the ICC with two counts of war crimes: Intentionally directing attacks against civilians and pillaging.

He is also accused of five crimes against humanity counts: Murder; extermination; forcible transfer; torture and rape.

President Al-Bashir inaugurates Tuti-Khartoum Bridge

Khartoum, March 21 (SUNA) - President of the Republic Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir inaugurated Saturday Tuti Bridge, which links Khartoum and Tuti over the Nile, which is constructed at the cost of 16.5 million dollars provided by Ministry of Engineering Affairs of Khartoum State. Addressing a huge mass rally organized on the occasion, President Al-Bashir said the practical reply to those who target Sudan would be by providing more services, development and industrial and agricultural projects. The President of the Republic pointed out that the coming period will witness inauguration of many development projects in the various fields in the country. He hailed the people of Tuti and their great contributions in all fields. BT/BT

National campaign for eradicating polio launched at Red Sea State

Port Sudan, March 21 (SUNA) - Federal Minister of Health Dr. Thabita Boutros launched in Port Sudan, capital of the Red Sea State, Saturday national campaign for eradicating polio, in affirmation of the commitment of Sudan to continue efforts for eradication of polio in cooperation with the international community. Addressing the launching of the campaign at the Health Centre of Wahda quarter in Port Sudan, the Federal Minister of Health pointed out that the Red Sea State has been selected for launching the campaign for the political commitment shown by the government of the state to the health issues. Wali (governor) of the Red Sea State Mohamed Tahir Eila, on his part, affirmed that the celebration reflects the will and determination of the Sudanese people to realize more achievements as a practical reply to foreign intervention in the internal affairs of the country, especially the allegations of the so-called International Criminal Court against the Sudan. The Wali affirmed readiness of his government to provide all requirements of the national anti-polio campaign. The Federal Minister of Health and the Wali of the Red Sea State launched the national campaign by immunizing the first two children in this round which will last till next Wednesday. BT/BT

Dr. Awad Al-Jaz: Sudanese-Chinese relations have become a model for South-South cooperation

Khartoum, March 21 (SUNA) - Minister of Finance and National Economy Dr. Awad Al-Jaz met visiting Chinese delegation participating in the country's celebrations of the golden jubilee of the Sudanese-Chinese relations. The minister lauded the efforts of China, referring to the developed relations linking the two friendly countries, which have become a model for South-South cooperation. Dr. Al-Jaz pointed out that Sudan and China have started another 50 years of joint cooperation, referring to the effects of the international financial crisis on the Western countries, saying that the South-South cooperation can create a new model. The minister referred to the safety of the Sudanese economy, pointing out that Sudan works to develop the base of the national economy, especially in the agricultural and animal resources field to reduce dependency on one resource, saying that the decision of the International Criminal Court (ICC) is one of the forms of pressures against the Sudan. The deputy minister of external relations department at the Chinese Communist Party, on his part, expressed rejection of the Chinese Communist Party to the memorandum of the ICC, reaffirming its stance beside Sudan. He lauded the efforts of the Sudan in the economic and development sphere, pointing out that China and Sudan are working for realizing similar objectives for realizing development and progress for the two peoples. He said they are working to promote these relations further for the benefits of the two peoples, pointing out that the Sudanese government has exerted considerable efforts for realizing peace in the country, urging further boost for the joint relations. BT/BT

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