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President Al-Bashir receives congratulations from leaders of the Islamic countries

Khartoum, Nov. 26 (SUNA) - President of the Republic Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir has received congratulatory telephone calls on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha from Egyptian President Mohamed Husni Mubarak, Emir of the State of Qatar His Highness Shiekh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani and the Somali President. Meanwhile, President Al-Bashir made similar telephone calls to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdallah bin Abdelaziz, Libyan Leader Moamer Al-Gaddafi, Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad and Yemeni President Ali Abdallah Salih.

Eid Al-Adha Vacation Extended till Monday

Khartoum, Nov. 24 (SUNA) - The Secretariat General of the Council of Ministers announced that it has received a presidential directive on extension of Eid Al-Adha vacation till Monday instead of Sunday. Meanwhile, Chairman of Sudan Workers Trade Unions Federation (SWTUF), Prof. Ibrahim Ghandour, appreciated the response of the President of the Republic to the call of SWTUF for extension of Eid Al-Adha vacation till Monday.

Assistant of the President of Republic Denies Existence of Differences between Political Forces in East Sudan

Khartoum, Nov. 24 (SUNA) - Assistant of the President of the Republic, Musa Mohamed Ahmed, has denied existence of any difference between the political groups in east Sudan. Interviewed by SUNA, Ahmed said that the differences among the political forces is something ordinary, stressing there are no differences or disputes currently in East Sudan Front. He said that east Sudan is now witnessing a remarkable development process and stability thanks to East Sudan Peace Agreement and the ensuing fraternal and cooperative spirit. Ahmed said that the implementation of the peace agreement resulted in the participation of East Sudan Front in the government at the central and states' levels, the sharing of wealth by establishment of East Sudan Development Fund and assignment of 500 million dollars for it, adding that the implementation of the military arrangements protocol included absorption of the East Front forces in the Armed Forces and the Police forces and reintegrating them in the civil life. He said that a number of countries have expressed serious desire to contribute to the development in east Sudan; top of them is the State of Qatar. The Assistant of the President of the Republic announced that Kuwait will host in next March the donors conference for development in east Sudan, indicating that a number of western countries, including Germany, Britain, Norway, the Netherlands and Italy have confirmed their participation in the conference. He said that all the African countries and a number of organizations will take part in the donor conference for development in east Sudan. Ahmed said that East Sudan Front is preserving good relations with all the political forces in the country, especially the parties of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) and the national unity government. He indicated that East Sudan Front will contribute to the national accord, the process for realizing comprehensive peace and stability and aborting the plots against Sudan. Ahmed pointed out that East Sudan Front is satisfied over the implementation of east Sudan peace agreement, referring to the effective participation of east Sudan citizens in the national unity government. He appreciated the firm and strategic ties between Sudan and Eritrea, adding that East Sudan Front will work to bolster the cooperation and relations between the two countries. Ahmed stressed that Eat Sudan Front will participate in the coming elections that will be unique and honest.

South Darfur and North Bahral-Ghazal States Sign Memo of Understanding

Niyala, Nov. 24 (SUNA)- The governments of South Darfur and North Bahral-Ghazal States Tuesday signed a memo of understanding composed of 10 items, including holding of a conference of peaceful co-existence between Dinka and Rezeigat tribes on December 10 and the keenness to maintain good relations between the citizens of the two states in the economic and security fields. The Wali of South Darfur, Ali Mahmoud, announced that the peaceful co-existence conference will be held in Aweil town on December 10. Meanwhile, the Governor of North Bahral-Ghazal State, Paul Malong, appreciated the deeply rooted relations between the Dinka and Rezeigat tribes.

Abil Alier Calls on Leaders of Political Parties to Facilitate Registration of Voters

Damazin, Nov. 24 (SUNA) - Chairman of the National Election Commission, Abil Alier, has called on the leaders of all the political parties in Sudan to express their views on the election registration process in full transparency and clarity and to be keen to contribute to facilitating the election process according to the law, which provided ample opportunity for exercising the rights and realizing democracy. He explained in his addressed to the leaders of the political parties at the premises of the Secretariat General of the government of the Blue Nile State at the end of his visit to the state that the aim of the visit the delegation of the state was to get informed on the level of cooperation between the Higher Commission for Election in the state, the state's government and the organization of parties and to identify the standard of the relations between all parties and the state's government in the current important stage. Alier said that the Commission will doe its best to pave the way for success of the elections toward boosting the implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) and enabling the citizens to practice their constitutional rights.

Wali of Darfur State Acquaints Peace and Security Council with Security and Council in the State

Khartoum, Nov. 24 (SUNA)- The Wali (governor) of North Darfur State, Osman Mohamed Yousif Kibir, received Tuesday the visiting delegation of the African Peace and Security Council and acquainted them on the humanitarian and security situation in the state and the developments in the process for realizing peace in Darfur and the international and regional support in this regard. The meeting was attended by Sudan Ambassador to Ethiopia, Mohi-Eddin Salim. He appreciated the delegation's visit which comes under the current improvement in the situation in Darfur. Kibir has acquainted the delegation on the ongoing efforts for realizing democratic transformation through the coming elections. He affirmed that the improvement in the security situation has positive impact on the political, social, economic and services aspects in Darfur. He said that the improvement of the security conditions led to voluntary return of big numbers of the displaced people to their home areas, explaining that the number of the displaced people dropped from 450,000 citizens at the major camps to 208,000 displaced citizens. Meanwhile, Chairman of the Peace and Security Council affirmed the council's concern with the situation in Darfur issue, appreciating the efforts being exerted at the regional and international levels. The delegation of the Peace and Security Council paid inspection visits to Abu-Shoak displaced people camp and Suwelinga village. The delegation is due to meet in Al-Fasher city with the UNAMID command before leaving to Juba

Djibril Bassole Hopes Doha Talks will End by Comprehensive Peace Agreement and Cessation of Hostilities

Doha, Nov. 18 (SUNA)- The UN and African Union mediator for Darfur issue, Djibril Bassole, said that the ongoing dialogue in Doha for solving Darfur issue is accepted by the international community, appreciating the stance of countries and the regional and international organizations in support of the efforts of the joint mediation for realizing peace in Darfur. Addressing Wednesday in Doha, Qatar, the sitting marking the launching of the comprehensive peace talks on Darfur issue, Bassole said that participation of all categories of the Darfurian civil society is reflecting their commitment to the issues of dialogue, peace and rehabilitation. He directed a message to members of the civil society that they are capable of creating peace. Bassole that the comprehensive talks in Doha are aimed to achieve a comprehensive peace and solution for Darfur issue, surpassing the causes of the war and speeding up the programmes for social and economic development. He stressed the importance of the participation of the civil society representatives besides the parties of the government and the armed movements in the peace talks in Doha. Bassole hoped that the negotiations in Doha will end by a comprehensive agreement that includes cessation of hostilities as well as political and security arrangements that are conducive to a lasting and comprehensive peace. He congratulated the Presidents of Sudan and Chad for steps which they adopted for ending the tension and enhancing the relations between them, adding that improvement of the Sudanese - Chadian relations is useful for boosting the peace process in Darfur.

Algeria Beat Egypt 1 - 0 and Qualifies for World Cub Finals

Khartoum, Nov. 18 (SUNA) - The Algerian national football team Wednesday beat the Egyptian national team 1 - 0 and qualified for the World Cub finals in South Africa in the year 2010. The decisive match was played at Al-Mereikh Stadium in Omdurman, Sudan. The goal of the Algerian team was scored by Antar Yahiya after 40 minutes in the first half of the match.

Chairman of African Union Commission Urges Armed Movements to Join the Peace Process in Darfur

Doha, Nov. 18 (SUNA) - Chairman of the African Union Commission, Jean Ping, said that the civil society has a major role that it shall play for realizing peace in Darfur. Addressing the sitting for launching the comprehensive peace talks on Darfur issue, Ping directed a call for the armed movements in Darfur to join the peace talks and the victory is represented in peace rather than any other path. He said that the talks in Doha provided an opportunity that the armed movements shall avail for reaching peace and to enable the people of Darfur to choose their leaders and to build their future. Ping said that the path of political dialogue and peace negotiation is now open, calling on the participants to take into consideration that Sudan is entering a stage of elections in next April as well as the stage of self-determination for the southerners; therefore no one can wait indefinitely for the holders of arms. He called on the participants to urge the armed movements to join the peace process so that the people of Darfur can elect their leaders.

Statement by the Mediation on Darfur Issue

Doha, Nov. 18 (SUNA)- As part of the launching by the Mediation of the Comprehensive Darfur Peace Talks, which was officially inaugurated on 18th of November 2009, by H.E. Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabr Al-Thani, Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the State of Qatar, in the presence of Chairperson of the African Union Commission, the Assistant Secretary General of the League of Arab States, the Special Joint Representative of the UNAMID, the representative of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, representatives of the Member States of the Afro-Arab Ministerial Commission, Special Envoys to Sudan and a number of regional and international partners, H.E. Mr. Ahmed Bin Abdulla Al-Mahmoud, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs of the State of Qatar, and Mr. Djibrill Bassolé, the AU/UN Joint Chief Mediator for Darfur, have conducted in the period from 10 to 17/11/2009, intensive contacts with delegations from the Darfurian Movements. The representatives of these Movements reiterated their attachment to Doha as the unified forum for negotiations and undertook to pursue their cooperation and consultations with the Mediation with a view to defining the modality for the commencement of the peace talks in order to achieve a just, comprehensive and final solution to the Darfur crisis. Since some of these Movements are now in the process of unifying their negotiating structures and positions, they promised to return to Doha in the few coming days, upon the finalization of the aforesaid process, to engage in negotiations for the final solution. Representatives of the Darfurian civil society also participated in the launching event through holding consultations in the period 17-20 November 2009. The Mediation confirms that these consultations with the civil society are considered a first step towards convening further expanded meetings which will include a number of other representatives from all segments of the Darfurian society. Nonetheless, such consultations shall not be a substitute for negotiations held with the Movements, but rather, complementary to and supportive for the efforts undertaken by the Mediation with a view to achieving a comprehensive solution to the conflict. The Mediation shall evaluate the outcome of its consultations with the Movements and the civil society in order to fix a early date for the commencement of the final solution negotiations, in consultation with the parties to the conflict.

First Vice - President and Javier Solana Progress in Implementation of CPA

Brussels, Nov. 18 (SUNA) - The First Vice - President and President of the Government of South Sudan (GoSS), Salva Kiir, has discussed with the High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy, Secretary-General of the Council of the European Union, Javier Solana, the progress achieved in the implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) and the role expected to be played by the European Union to boost the agreement's implementation. In a press statement by the end of his visit to Belgium, Kiir said that Solana will work to urge the European Union to exert more efforts for boosting the peace process in Sudan.

Sudan to Participate in World Summit on Food Security

Khartoum, Nov. 14 (SUNA) - Sudan will participate at the World Summit on Food Security in Rome during November 16 - 18 with a high-level delegation which will be led by the Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Abdul-Halim Ismail Al-Muaafi. In a statement to SUNA, the Director of the International Cooperation Administration at the Ministry of Agriculture, Mohamed Al-Hassan Jubara, said that Sudan delegation will expose Sudan vision on the issues of food security and agricultural investment. He said that the delegation of Sudan will also reflect the policies adopted in the country in the fields of food and enhancement of the people's living conditions. Jubara said that the summit will discuss the issues of food security, means of increasing the food and the agricultural productivity as well as the impacts of the financial and economic crisis and climate change on the food security.

AU, UN Goverment of Sudan Tripartite Mechanism on UNAMID to Meet Monday in Khartoum

Khartoum, Nov. 14 (SUNA) - The seventh meeting of the AU, UN and the Goverment of Sudan tripartite mechanism on UNAMIDis due to be held in Khartoum Monday to discuss issues related to the deployment of hybrid forces in Darfur, the recruitement of a national staff who are currently representing two third of the total number of UNAMID employees including international staff and UN volunteers in addition to the question conerning broadcast of UNAMID radio programs., said the spokesman of the joint UN and African Union Mission for Darfur (UNAMID), Noureddine Mezni. He pointed out in a statement to SUNA, that the coming meeting would also discuss issues which were tackled in the past meeting of the tripartite mechanism last July including the preparations for the arrival of five tactical helicopters extended by Ethiopia in support of the UNAMID. Mezni said that the meeting of the tripartite mechanism will also review the UNAMID contributions to improve the infrastructures in Darfur. He indicated that the tripartite mechanism will be co-chaired by UN Undersecretary General for Field Support, Susana Malcorra, the AU Commissioner for Peace and Security, Ramatane Lamamra. and the Undersecretary of the Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dr, Mutrif Siddiq.UNAMID delegation will be led by the Acting Joint Special Representative Henry Anyidoho. In preparation for this important meeting, the Deputy Joint Special Representative for Operations and Management ,Mohamed Yonis has conducted during the past two days in Khartoum a series of consultations with the Goverment officials. days.

Kenana Sugar Company to Produce 606,000 Sugar Tons in New Season

Kenana, Nov. 14 (SUNA)- Kenana Sugar Company Saturday began its new production season 2009 - 2010 to produce 606,000 sugar tons. In a statement to the press, the Director and Delegate Member of the company, Mohamed Al-Mardi Al-Tigani, said that the targeted production will cover 60% of the total consumption of Sudan. He said that Kenana Sugar Company will impose its domination of the sugar market as of today. Al-Tigani said that he targeted area for growing sugar cane is 81,000 feddans, indicating that the production of fodder at Kenana Sugar Company is 1.5 million tons annually and that its production of electricity power has reached 70 megawatt. He announced that the company has exported 15 million liters of ethanol, explaining that the daily production of ethanol amounts to 200,000 liters per day. He said that Kenana Sugar Company began cultivation of sorghum, groundnut and sunflower at Rahad and Souki Schemes.

Dr. Akol: Southerners did not Reap Fruits of Peace Despite SPLM Receiving to Eight Billion Dollars

Khartoum, Nov. 14 (SUNA)- Chairman of the People's Movement for democratic Change, Dr. Lam Akol, said that the southerners did not reap the fruits of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) despite the fact that Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) has received eight billion dollars, a matter that affirms existence of corruption in the rule of the SPLM in the south. Addressing the opening sitting of the Southern - Southern Dialogue Conference at the Friendship Hall, Dr. Akol said that the SPLM has cancelled the partisan pluralism in the south, Dr. Akol said that his party is facing extra impediments from the Government of South Sudan (GoSS),in spite of the noise that the SPLM is making about freedoms in the North. He said that the referendum process can only be held under the rule of a wise government that enjoys the confidence of people. He pointed out that the Southern - Southern dialogue is conducive to respecting the views of others, creating appropriate mechanisms, mapping out solutions for problems and launching a large alliance in the future.

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